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Improve sleep quality with natural remedies

Improve your sleep with MelatrolScientific research has revealed that the deficiency of serotonin and melatonin are responsible for the majority of sleep disorders. However, this investigation also demonstrated that an artificial supply of such elements is not beneficial for the organism. For that reason, Melatrol team has developed an herbal supplement that naturally encourages their production and restores in this way the balance of the circadian cycle.

Improve sleep quality with the safest resources

Serotonin and melatonin play a fundamental role in the regulation of numerous functions like appetite, sleep patterns, and mood. The first mentioned element is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for communicating nerve cells. On the other hand, the second neurotransmitter adjusts body temperature and circadian cycles.

There are many herbal resources and foods rich in vitamins, amino acids and complex carbohydrates which naturally encourage the production of both neurotransmitters. That is the case of bananas and oats. health professionals have investigated organic resources with such properties and the adequate dose of each one to combine them in a healthy sleep aid.

They have found that such natural resources have something in common, high concentrations of 5-HTP. As explained at, this amino acid is metabolized giving place to the production of the required neurotransmitters. The body obtains the greatest benefits from this element when it is ingested on a supplement.

A clinical study made with 30 volunteers confirmed the efficacy of Melatrol. They used the treatment for six weeks. Results revealed an increment of 266% of the release of serotonin, which in turn was easily perceived by the individuals on an improved sleep pattern. The serotonin production increased only during night time as it should be. Therefore, they were able to wake up the next day with enough energy and lucidity to concentrate on their daily tasks and have optimal performance.

The study also revealed an important reduction in the release of stress hormones which produced an improved mood state in all the participants. Most of them decided to follow the treatment for around six months. When they suspended the intake of the supplement, their bodies maintained their capacity to fall asleep naturally. Such results were documented and published in reputable medical journals.

Natural remedies to regulate circadian cycle

Melatrol does not include sedatives or harmful chemical compounds which can cause addiction or drowsiness. It combines a unique mixture of herbal elements which have proven to be useful for the restoration of the balance of the circadian cycle. They naturally relax the nervous system so you can easily fall asleep at night.

Many satisfied customers have reported an improvement of their sleep patterns after just a few weeks with the treatment. They have not experienced any discomfort. On the contrary, based on the consumer reviews, they were able to wake up every morning with improved concentration, attention, perception, and reasoning capacity.

The optimum formulation of this supplement is backed up by years of experience for the most qualified health professionals in the field. You can purchase your supply with all the guarantees from the official Melatrol website and enjoy the life improvement that you certainly need!