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Bodybuilding – gold rules to follow

bodybuilder-antlerxIn order to have a perfect body, you need education in the first place, but also motivation. Progressive exercise, control, but also your ideal to achieve, are the perfect combination for a perfect worked body.

Here are the best five Golden Rules to follow in bodybuilding:

3. Planning – I think that is the most important aspect of bodybuilding. Seize the time what you have to do. It’s good to make short-term plan, eg. a week. Here you have: how many minutes it takes warming, what exercise you have to do, what muscle groups you want to work and especially what devices should you use. It is better to give a motivation to end of the program, it may ambition you or any person. An executed plan represent achieving the objective.

2. Stretching is required – at least 15 minutes of stretching prepare the body for a complete workout. This is good to involve all muscle categories for mobility and strategy, but mostly, stretching is useful for mentally state. For beginners, use stretching, cardio and also a run on the band is ideal.

3. A healthy diet – we know that a healthy diet helps burning, helps the body needs to build on. Better take the time to inquire of your necessary food and a way to combine them as fairly. A full breakfast along with other meals and snacks are essential to achieving the goal, namely a successful bodybuilding.

4. Supplements – well, here we have many things to tell. They come to help toning the entire body. You do need to use natural supplements and healthy ones, checked and purchased at specialty shops. So, my secret is AntlerX, a spray designed to increase muscle mass to performance, a beautiful body and an increase in performance in sport. Provides better mobility, better functionality and especially body flexibility. I recommend AntlerX because it has many advantages for bodybuilding, for a perfect body, but especially because its ingredients are specially created for muscle mass, namely: L Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, L Glutamine, Zinc, L Carnatine, Niacin. Specially chosen, they offer you help in getting perfect muscle work. For detailed product description read the pages of

5. Proteins – I will repeat endlessly that proteins are wonderful for bodybuilding. The more, the better. Please be attention, it is good to make a list of foods and supplements that contain the best proteins so that it will facilitate the necessary information.

And the best way you can look perfect, is to respect work plan. The 5 rules above are ideal for bodybuilding and should be respected not only by individuals, but also by professional rookie. They provide an ideal way in getting desired muscles and especially in having a balanced sport life.

We also know how long it takes to develop a muscle, how long for a set of exercises and especially how hard it is to respect them, but with a little help, this can be a success and so your body can look like how you always wanted.

Detoxadine – Iodine Health Supplement

Normally, most people experience various ailments due to lack of sufficient iodine in their bodies. Basically, iodine is always essential in building the thyroid hormones that tend to control the body’s metabolism, and also proper brain and bone. Iodine is also essential in supporting the body against immune disorder.
One fact that you need to understand is that though iodine is a mineral found in foods, most of the foods you consume lack enough iodine levels to palpably increase tissues and skin cells levels of iodine inside the body. Because of this, it is always recommended to go for the iodine health supplements like the Detoxadine which is manufactured with unique transformative bio-elemental matrix.
Detoxadine is a daily nascent atomic iodine supplementation which is composed of healthy transformative iodine that is derived from organic deep sea vegetable sources including kelp whose ingredients are Nascent iodine from USP resublimated iodine, purified water and also USP-Grade Kosher Certified Vegetable glycerin. This type of nascent atomic iodine comprises of non-toxic sources that are bioavailable and it is always in its purest form thus making it easier for your body to absorb to its maximum capacity.
Usually, once Detoxadine is taken into the body, it effectively enters into your bloodstream and then disperses throughout your physical body system whereby it is then transformed into carrier iodine, then to elemental iodine after which it combines with certain proteins forming hormones essential for immune factors.
The Detoxadine is actually intended for both adults and children and it is much more successfully utilized in the body than other iodide blends. It is normally utilized as a daily, dietary supplement that has been revolutionized to make it gentler on your digestive system. It has numerous health benefits to one’s lifestyle ranging from the immune system, nervous system and the metabolic well-being.
Some of these health benefits include
It is non-toxic as it is a product of known safe ingredients that have been approved as the generally recognized as safe by the FIDA. Those who have tried Detoxadine have found no traces of side effects thus making it one of the perfect supplements to even those who are allergic.
The other health benefit of Detoxadine is that it is best suitable to those who experience iodine deficiency leading to improved growth especially to the children and also expectant women. It also boosts the creation and production of quality breast milk.
It is also essential in the body as it improves the functions of thyroid hormones and the endocrine hormones, increases energy vital for food digestion and also the intestine functionality, reduces the odor that is produced by the body, improves the insulin and glucose levels in the body and it is also a better defense mechanism against various diseases such as the cardiovascular ailments.
Usually, the Detoxadine is prescribed to be applied three drops on the tongue followed by a glass of pure water on a daily basis as this could last up to three months. It is also recommended that those suffering from either Graves or Hashimotos Thyroids should first seek the physician’s guidance.

Breast Actives Inspection

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Angela has many years of teaching under her belt, having given masterclasses and private lessons to all ages: from elementary level all the way through college level and adults.

An avid teacher as she is a performer, Angela has openings to teach sectionals, masterclasses for your flutists, private lessons and is also available for guest recitals and clinics.

Angela’s teaching covers all topics, but specializes in performance anxiety, body awareness and performance practice.
Three lesson options are available:

In person lessons, one-on-one in Panama City at the student’s school, home or at Playground Music.
Group lessons in Panama City (or surrounding areas) at the student’s school or home
Online lessons via Skype

Lessons Online
I also offer a long distance teaching option, via Skype, for those of you who would like to take a lesson/lessons but do not live in the area. You must have a webcam and Skype installed on your computer.

You may download SKYPE for FREE HERE.

How it works:

Download SKYPE for free

Email Angela to set up an appointment for a test call.

If the test call is successful click on one of the following lesson options below and pay via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can make your payment from any bank account, simply click on the link and follow the directions.

During the test call we will discuss scheduling for lessons. Lessons will begin once payment has been made.

I offer one time lessons in 30/45/60 minute increments and also a recurring lesson option for those wishing to take regular lessons. If you would like regular, recurring lessons, please select the subscription option below in the time increment you wish to have. You will be billed for 4 lessons and those lessons may be used within a 2 month time period. You will be billed every month until you cancel your subscription and you may cancel at any time. If a lesson needs to be missed by me every effort will be made to reschedule. If that lesson is not able to be made up within the month, it will carry over until it is made up. If a lesson by the student is missed without 24 hours prior notification, just like live lessons, that lesson will be forfeit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I look forward to working with you!


I maintain a private teaching studio at Playground Music in Panama City, FL. For those students wishing to be taught elsewhere, I am available to teach lessons at your school, or, if you are a travelling snowbird or your school is not available, then in your home. If you would like to chose this route, I ask all students to sign a contract. This contract simply states that lessons are paid for in advance at the beginning of the month and if I miss a lesson, I will make it up. If you miss a lesson without prior notification, that lesson is lost.

Group Lessons

If you are interested in taking lessons, but are unable to commit to one-on-one lessons, I am currently accepting students for group lessons at a reduced rate. Group lessons are offered separately from Flute Studio. Contact me for rates and availability

Teaching Philosophy/Approach

Playing the flute can be so much more than learning how to make noise on an instrument. Learning to play the flute is one thing, learning to make music is another, and letting all these experiences develop you into a more complete and self-aware person is what I aim to do. I don’t aim to make musicians of my students, I don’t even aim to make them flute players, per say, my goal, if you study with me, is to make you more aware of yourself and thereby able to unlock your full potential in not only the musical world, but in the world outside of music.

What to Expect In Lessons

My teaching methods employ an integrative approach and at times, a somewhat radical departure from the norm. It is normal with me to have a lesson where we do not play at all. I have also been known to take lessons to hallways, other rooms (including bathrooms!); asking students to play grotesquely, play outside their comfort zones, to make what would be called “ugly” noises, to slouch, stand on one foot, sing and play, the possibilities are endless! While some of this bucks the norm of “checking the box, completing the page in the lesson book and getting a sticker” I find that this approach has a myriad of different applications that can be used to develop the whole person, not just a flute player.

I teach all ages, from the very young beginner, to the very old beginner, to the advanced student and everything in between. I do find it helpful to work out of method books, as they have their place in learning basics. Some of the method books I use:

Rubank (Elementary-Advanced)
Melodious and Progressive Studies
Paperblossoms by Ulrich Gasser
Reichert 12 Studies
Karg-Elert studies
Trevor Wye Studies
“What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” by Barbary Conable
“The Use of Self” by Matthias Alexander

For beginners, we’ll learn how to assemble the flute, how to form a proper embochure and how to read music. Once the basics have been established, we will move on to beginner method books and go from there.

I do not use a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and therefore I use no one standard method book. Depending on the students needs we may use several, or none of the above and use other methods. My intent is to develop the student into the best flute player, the best musician and the best person they can be. If, at the end of our time together, you have an awareness and knowledge about yourself that you did not have before, and yet, you have discovered that it is not your calling to be a professional musician, I consider my job to have been well performed as you will be able to perform in whatever career field you choose, to a higher level than your comrades!

Not everyone who takes private lessons wants to be a professional musician and that is just fine! We need musically trained people in all fields. I’ve found that people with musical backgrounds make the best doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, school teachers, bus drivers, store managers, office professionals and every other profession you can think of. Having musical training allows you to use more parts of your brain and connect things in a way that people who don’t have that training just can’t access.

Let’s make you a better person starting today!!!!!

Other Musical Opportunities for Panama City Flutists

Panama City Mini Flute Camp

What is a mini flute camp? It’s a few hours where flutists get together and we cover all kinds of topics related to music and playing flute. We go over self awareness, how to overcome nerves, piccolo playing, articulation, breathing and vibrato and so many other things! Bring your solo and ensemble (or solo or band music) that you are working on and the last hour will be dedicated to teaching in a masterclass setting. If you would like help on your music, come take a lesson in front of the class, or learn from others! Flutists, this is a great way to get a private lesson, in a group setting, especially if lessons aren’t in your budget this year. This is also a great way to get information on where to repair your flute, and get ideas for practicing over the winter/summer break.

Cost for the class is only $5! How much better of a deal can you get than that? Feel free to contact me with any questions, and I look forward to seeing you at our next camp, stay tuned for details.

Emerald Coast Flute Choir

Panama City now has its own flute choir! Open to all adult flutists and advanced high school students. We are a group that is intent on performing locally and giving concerts to area schools in the near future. Our group is takes ensemble playing to the next level in developing a keen sense of ensemble awareness, intonation, balance, blend and internal beat. If you think you may be interested in joining, please email me for an audition. Whether you play piccolo, C flute, alto or bass, we have room for you and we would love for you to join us.

“Workouts to Prevent Pain”

Are you afraid of the weight room? Do you fear that lifting weights will make you bulky and hinder your ability to play? Nothing could be further from the truth! As musicians, we take such detailed care of our instruments, yet neglect our own bodies.

Let me come teach you and your group about how to lift weights properly, how to stretch before and after practice sessions/rehearsals and most importantly, we’ll talk about specific weight lifting exercises to get you out of pain and back into playing with more self awareness, better body balance and ease of movement.

About Me

Flutist, Piccoloist, Teacher, Artist, Performer, Trainer and Soldier

“Music is life to me. I consider myself so very blessed to be able to communicate the deepest parts of life that cannot be expressed with words. Sharing the soul through music, teaching others how to express that which cannot be said, connecting lives through music, that is who I am and what I do.

Beyond this, teaching others how to care for their primary instrument; their bodies, to move freely, to live full, healthy lives free from pain, this is my greatest joy.”

– Angela