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Yacon Molasses – no stress, just slim

Europeans are fatter on average a pound during time. Here are 10 tips for weight loss without diet, free detox without calorie restriction.

1. Quit counting calories

Rely on what your body requires, instead of counting calories is recommended to eat slowly and stop when you will not be hungry. The portions would be smaller.

2. Replace white and brown foods

You can eat carbo’s but in small quantities, so you will not be hungry.

3. Sleep

When we are tired we eat more and try to regain instant energy with caffeine or foods that contains sugar. For weight loss but for your organism, have a great sleep.

4. Fear not fat

There are good fats and also terrible fats. Don’t have fear of fat body, because if you have a little faith you will be slim.

5. Eat five or six meals a day

Experts recommend eating three big meals and two or three healthy foods each day. This things will help you have a great energy along the day. You should choose good food such as apples, as from sugar use honey, cereals and vegetables.

6. Eat protein at every meal and snack

Protein is essential for growth and your organism. So, proteins are good also for your hart, so you’ll be tempted to eat bad and wrong products between your meals. You should eat turkey, fish or cereals such as almonds.

7. Keep stress under control

Stress changes the hormonal balance, slow down metabolism and cause the body to store grease, more in your middle down body. Also, the same impact on your body it is caused by stress as sugar makes you invited the wrong foods, especially snacks very salty, fatty or sweets. Relax at a table, eat slowly and give priority it deserves Plan. Do not read, watch television and do not work on your computer while you eat.

8. Consume with moderation incentives

Beverages such as tea, coffee or cola are giving you energy, but actually have the opposite effect to that. They will provide, indeed, an increase to sugar and therefore energy that followed, however, a “fall”, a time when you were more tired than from beginning, in where you will have to drink another cup of water. You can try Yacon Molasses. As is written on the site this product provides massive decrease in weight and many other benefits such as a healthy, proper digestion and body as you wish.

9. Exercise

Exercises are very important for overall health, energy, and to maintain your body. Start easy if you are a sport person. Stroll in the park, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or maybe take down one station before from the bus when you reach your destination and continue down the road to the top.

10. Not skip meals

The body constantly needs “fuel” to function. If you skip meals, and with vigorous sugar levels will drop so that you will be tempted to eat more food, especially sweets, or drink coffee or tea to put your feet.