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Zetaclear is It a Scam? Formulation, Use, Results and Possible Side Effects

toe-fungusNail fungus can be very embarrassing, but what is most disheartening is that although the products out in the market offer guarantee, they prove to be ineffective. But ZetaClear has proved to be effective in treating nail fungus infections.
Nail fungus infections are not only embarrassing, they can make you lose your toes, nails and fingers. It is a psychological suffering, people who suffer fungus are treated as outcast in most of the society, they suffer low esteem. But if you have undergone such traumatizing moments, you don’t need to worry anymore, ZetaClear will wipe tears.

Uses – ZetaClear is used to treat thickened toenails, discolored nails, nail infection and painful nails.

Formulation – Zetaclear nail fungus relief has two different formulations:

– Oral formulation will boost you immune system and this will enable your body to resist fungus infections.
– ZetaClear nail fungus cream, this is a topical solution that will attack fungus and eliminate it.

Suffers should use ZetaClear oral and cream for atleast 4 months. You should not stop using ZeatClear even after symptoms subside.

Active ingredients – ZetaClear is wholly natural product that has no side effects. All ingredients are from natural sources.

Step 1- ZetaClear cream active ingredients include:

– Tea Tree Oil – is known natural anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.
– Vitamin C, it is renowned for its antioxidants properties, it eliminates free radical in the body. This will help to recover and improve your skin tone after fungal infection.
– Vitamin E and C will help to improve collagen production. This will strengthen your nails and help faster growth of nails.
– Almond Oil, it moisturizes skin, cures dry skin and relieves itching.
– Undecylenic Acid, organic acid extracted from castor oils plants. It relieves skin rashes and promotes healthy skin.
– Clove Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Lemongrass Oil.
– All these ingredients have anti-fungal properties.

Step 2 – Zetaclear oral ingredients includes: Sulfur 12X, Thuja occidentalis, Nitricum Acidum, Mancinella, Arsenicum album and Antimonium curdum.

Customers reviews

Reviews shows that only 70% of users recover from fungal infections upon using this product. This can be attributed to 2 factors.
Users stop using it when symptoms disappear. For example, most users will stop it use when nail discolorations is gone. But discolorations does not mean that all fungus have been eliminated, it is only a symptom and if you fail to complete dosage, fungus infections will awake once more. In real sense, ZetaClear is formulated to act from inside and outside the body.
Secondly, most people concentrate on using cream. Most of the people do not use oral ZetaClear, they are much on cream since it shows faster physical signs of recovering from infections. This leaves your body weak and discoloration and other physical signs will be evident once more, the moment you stop using cream.
There is every need to ensure you use both cream and oral ZetaClear for long lasting fungal infections.

Side effects

When properly used, ZetaClear has no side effects, it is wholly a natural product that has no side effects.

Is ZetaClear a scam?

Definitely not. ZetaClear is not a scam, it is a product that has been used by many people to treat nail fungal infections, and indeed it has been proved to treat nail fungal infections.